Sunday, 21 August 2011


I have no problem admitting that the novelty of a 'white boy' rapper will never wear off, because they make listening to Hip Hop that much more entertaining and bearable for me... at least more than any black rappers have managed to do in a while. I am the biggest champion of new kid on the block Kreayshawn (I made myself an honorary WGM member and I hold that title with pride), and Asher Roth's debut album 'Asleep In the Bread Aisle' is still one of my favourites. So when I stumbled across Mac Miller last year I was mostly just impressed that I'd found a Jewish rapper who, unlike Drake, is not a moist cry baby. Lyrically he's nothing we haven't seen before but his catchy hooks and large hipster/hormonal Jewish teen fanbase will no doubt ensure he's around for a while. Check out Mac's new video for 'Frick Park Market' below!
Image courtesy of Global

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Did somebody say SALE?!?!?!

*happy dance*

I've always loved Models Own nail polish, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were doing a  MEGA SALE, similar to the Sleek sale that ended happily for some (eg ME), and tragically for others (eg those that are STILL ranting and complaining on their Facebook page *sigh*)
But back to business! If Models Own can get 50,000 'likes' on Facebook by 31st August, we can all get 50% off when we spend £20 or more! Plus if you are super lucky, you could win some of their polish collections or other AMAZING prizes in their giveaways! I dunno about anyone else, but that sounds like a damn good deal to me!
I've been eyeing up some Models Own products for a while... in particular the nail art pen, which WAH Nails played a major part in creating! I bought the first pen they brought out in black, and it has served me well over the months (see pics below). I am FAR from an expert but I found it pretty easy to use even though I don't have the steadiest of hands. This new and improved version is used by the WAH technicians in their salons, so hopefully my cheapskate tendencies will pay off and I can get one the sale!

So head here for full T&C's, and get LIKING! ;)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Make a wish!

Soooooooooo I finally turn 19 in 13 days. I'm not the kind of person to ever expect anything at birthdays, so I came up with this list merely for my own amusement.

1) Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots
In recent days/weeks I have mastered the ability to spot a Jeffrey Campbell shoe a mile off. I'm not sure about anywhere else in the UK but I know for sure that no shop in the countryside Canterbury has these, thus I am forced to love from afar with the help of zalando! Would I ACTUALLY wear them though? This is the key question. They look amazing, no doubt about it. I do think they're a bit too out there for me though. But let's be real, this is Jeffrey Campbell we're talking about- mundane is not in his vocabulary.  

2) WAH manicure
Obsessed. Does. Not. Come CLOSE.
I could happily spend HOURS drooling over WAH nail art. Yasmin tweeted this pic of her pimped out nails a couple of days ago and I fell in love!! The closest I've come to doing anything wacky with my nails is using a green Barry M polish which I had on for about 2 hours before I chickened out (I still have yet to experience the wonders of acrylic nails, yikes!) I'll deffo have to man up a little bit before I step foot in WAH :( But if you get a free minute check out their designs here! Their website has a full pricelist- full extensions plus nail art will set you back a bit but even though I have yet to go there, I can guarantee that it is 1000000000000000% worth the cash money.

3) Ombre Hair

'Ombre' is sweeping the nation, and I am most definitely 100000000000000000000000000000% ON IT. Otherwise known as 'dip-dye', ombre hair is slowly becoming the new black. Now, if you can't tell from reading this post so far the I'll make it clear- I AM A WIMP. I don't think I've ever had any colours in my hair apart from various shades of brown/black, so the idea of having bleached tips gives me palpitations. I love this look on Drew Barrymore especially, but I am not Drew Barrymore........... basically, my skin lightening regime hasn't taken me to my desired MJ levels yet....

Anyone who knows me will know how anti-bleaching I am. LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN!
Seriously though- I've seen blonde hair on some black girls and it just screams YARDIE. Beyonce does it well but:
a) Beyonce bleaches her skin. 

Who wants to argue pls? I'll wait..... *sips tea*

b) I'm yet to find myself a Jay Z who is willing to pay the millions of dollars necessary to pay a professional to dye or even TOUCH weave. Walk into a European hair salon and mention the word 'WEAVE'... they will quickly draw for the holy water.
So we can either do the black/brown/blonde thing, or we can get CRAZYYYYYYYY with it:

I found these beauties on the BLEACH website. They're based in Dalston and Topshop (Oxford Street) if I remember correctly, so I could get my dip-dye sorted then slide over to WAH, problem solved! I love all 3 styles. Which do I have the guts for? NONE. Moving forward...

4) Finger tattoos
Example courtesy of Hanna Beth- reigning finger tattoo queen and all-round cool kid. My issue with tattoos is that, other than the fear that my parents will disown me for real this time, I have no idea what I would get IF ANYTHING! I hate pointless tattoos. 
^^^^^^^^^^^THIS DISGUSTS ME. 
I'm not going to rant about how stupid this man is, this post has dragged on long enough. But I do think that meaningful tattoos (or at least tattoos that don't look like you got them from a man in a white van) are definitely worth the agony! But as we all know................ I am not on those risk-loving levels yet.

I might be adding to this list as I get closer to the 28th cos I have nothing else to do apart from work and kill mutant spiders in my bedroom. Till then, adios! xo

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you..."

As a die-hard fan of The Hills, and Lauren more so, that episode has always stuck in my head as a classic. How could two people who were once inseparable reach a point where their feud quickly became one of televisions most talked about fallouts? I remember hoping and praying that Heidi and Lauren could reconcile whilst watching this because behind the fake nails, Barbie hair extensions and 120 plastic surgery procedures I genuinely liked Heidi!! I, along with 100% of The Hills fanatics who took part in a survey* think that her relationship with Spencer messed her head up and ruined her whole life. Basically. 

*one person (ME) was asked the question 'Did Spencer ruin Heidi's life?'

The purpose of this post isn't to go on about how much I hate Spencer and his skin coloured pedophile beard, but a recent conversation with an old friend got me thinking about the concept of forgiveness in it's entirety. Our deep Skype call went from rating Beyonce's new album on a scale of 1 to 10 (I said 8, she said 7.5 and is therefore CLEARLY WRONG), to talking about a grudge she still held against a mutual friend over some stuff that went down 5 YEARS AGO. Without going into details, the argument did not involve a sex tape rumour- the severity of the situation is subjective as always but in my opinion, which I made very clear, this all should have been forgotten about just as quickly as it started. 

One thing I've learnt about myself lately is that I am 'sort of kind of alright' with the whole forgiveness thing. Depending on the situation I can probably get over it quite swiftly... Having said that, there are times when I feel that certain people don't really deserve forgiveness, especially when they show little to no remorse for their actions. Speaking as a Christian I realise that is totally wrong and hypocritical and terrible and just WRONG of me but I honestly can't help it sometimes. I consider myself to be a generally nice person until you screw me over. Unfortunately some 'friends' often abuse their screwing over superpowers to the nth degree which begs the question:

When is it ok NOT to forgive?

Again, my Pentecostal head says never. The ability to forgive is one that not everybody has, but we all need. The stubborn 9 year old inside me would try and find a way around this. Why should you forgive somebody that hurts you? And I don't mean hurt in the 'I sit next to her in Maths and she didn't even invite me to her birthday party at Wacky Warehouse' way. Serious 'OMG I can't believe she took my favourite shoes without asking, although she might have asked but I just wasn't listening' hurt. 

JK JK JK, but in Lauren Conrad's situation I thought her decision to end her friendship with Heidi was perfectly reasonable. Sometimes it's the people you think you can trust with your life who will be the ones to hurt you the most. If Heidi was just some random girl that knew nothing about everything then it would have been a non-issue. But this was her best friend, someone she trusted and loved and cared about. Which is where the problem lies- she cared. This is the one and only area in which I can relate to Lauren. I do care too much about people, especially my friends, and the naive side of me just assumes that the same feelings will always be reciprocated. I am the kind of person who would happily put my own feelings aside to help people I care about. Unfortunately I seem to care about almost everyone I come across, mostly because I just really like people. It may be hard to believe but I really mean that! It's worked well sometimes, and not so well other times. Do I forgive people who take advantage? For the most part, yes. Everyone slips up sometimes. But there's always something in the back of my mind that tells me not to get too close "because remember the last time so and so took liberties?!!?!?!?"

Here is where I get confused- does the fact that I remain cynical mean I haven't truly forgiven, or is it just that certain things happen that you can't allow yourself to forget about unless you want to get screwed over AGAIN.

I'll leave you with that. All this thinking/typing is hurting my head, so I'm gonna watch Basketball Wives and kill about 5 million brain cells in the process...