Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This is exactly why I should never have made a blog- I completely forgot that I'd even made one till about 10 minutes ago. Nothing overly interesting has happened between now and Sunday..... I went to see some friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiends in Bathland which was nice. Boring, but nice (Bath was the boring bit, it was nice to see my friends again after so long lol). Now I am heading back to Canterbury and then going home till term starts. The journey home always puts me in a bad mood- I hate trains, and more specifically, the people on them.
So I drew dots on my nails, and maybe when I look at them tomorrow on the train(s) I won't be quite so sad.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

2 posts in about as many hours- aren't you the lucky ones?!

I just stumbled across this video and thought it was interesting. Very interesting indeed!


Guess who's back back back, back again-gain-gain.

So this is going to be my first REAL post. And I though with it being Easter, we'd carry on with the theme of new life and a fresh start with some NEW FRESH NAILSSSS! Excuse me while I do a little dance in the corner...
A couple of weeks ago I found a video on good ol' Youtube about a really cool technique called 'marbling', here it is!:
So I thought I would try and copy that except my nails are really not that long and I CAN'T FIND A TOOTHPICK/CUTUCLE STICK ANYWHERE, which proved to be pretty problematic as you will see lol. If you want to give it ago you can watch the video (the first time I saw it I thought it was magic) or I've got some pictures below! Anywaaaaay, quick breakdown of what you'll need:
- Nail polish
- A bowl of water at room temperature
- Sellotape
- Cuticle stick/toothpicks/needle (anything with a sharp tip will do but all I could find was that triangle ruler thing from an old maths set, which is why the lines weren't as neat! :/)
-Cotton buds
- Tissue

So once you're ready to begin, pick your colours! I went for the three above, the topcoat is for laterrrrr.

I used the dark purple as a base colour, then wrapped the tape around my fingers leaving space for the nail. This bit was a little fiddly for me but I guess it doesn't have to look perfect, as long as it does the job!

Once the dark purple had dried fully I got the water, cotton buds, ruler (LOL) and kitchen roll ready....

Then took a blob of the lilac and dropped it in the water. Try not to drop it in from really high up- it'll sink to the bottom and it might not rise to the surface! After a couple of seconds the ring expanded, then I added a blob of green in the centre of the lilac and left it to expand, then went with the lilac again and repeated. I only did a few rings because I hardly had any polish left, but you'll really get a better result if you build up the rings till they cover the entire surface of the water like in the video above^^^

Theeeeen I took my ruler (LOLOL I'm such a failure) and drew a line from the inner circle outwards. Wipe off the needle/stick on a bit of tissue after each line because they'll come out a lot cleaner. The lines I drew were pretty far apart because the edge of the ruler (LOLOLOL) was too thick- if the lines are a lot closer together you'll get more of the pattern on your nail. Try not to take longer than about 30 seconds drawing the lines because the polish will dry on the surface and your needle won't be able to cut through it and you'll have to start again and you'll cry and your whole world will crumble before your very eyes!!!!!!

Draw a few lines and pick a section to dunk your nail into. Whilst your nail is still in the water, blow the surface gently to help the polish dry quicker and wipe away all the excess with a cotton bud.

Et voila! Mine did come out a bit messy around the edges because I rushed with the sellotape, but there's nothing that a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover won't fix. I added a topcoat to keep it all shiny, then added a quick dry spray. You can tell the lines were VERY far apart but I don't mind too much. This was my second attempt at marbling- I tried it for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I had a TOOTHPICK *cries*:

  I think I prefer the first attempt because you can see more of the pattern, but oh well! Practice makes perfect ;)
I'm going to torture myself and do some maths now, Happy Easter kids! xo

Oh, hello!

So I decided that I wanted to do something over the Easter break. Something productive that I could put all of my energy into, apart from revision obviously...... ANYWAY let's not talk about how much/little work I've done. A day went past and I hadn't thought of anything. A week went past and I hadn't thought of anything. Two weeks in, and I only JUST decided I wanted to start a blog. Yes, one of those. I haven't really done anything like this since xanga (believe me, those days are well and truly over) so bear with me whilst I work on the design and stuff it's looking a little bare right now!
To be honest I haven't really decided what this thing is going to be about- it could be anything from my latest nail polish obsession, to me moaning about my day and how much I hate partial differentiation. Hopefully we'll all have a fun time, if not I'll go back to being bored out of my mind and wishing I was cool and famous.
Adios, friends!

P.S. maybe I should put a little something here about the title of this blog. 'Champagne On A Monday'- sounds a bit silly really. I promise promise promise I don't get drunk to get myself through 10am lectures every Monday. Also, I could never afford real champagne right now, but I might be willing to splash out on a bottle of Shloer if you're nice to me (buy one get one free at Tesco in town, yeeeeeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiii). I was struggling to think of a heading and I kid you not.... it was just gonna be LAMIDE because I am so creative like that, when I had this sudden burst of inspiration:
So I had this acoustic version of Champagne Lemonade playing in the background and I like it a little bit. Ok, I really really like it. A LOT. Then that pesky lightbulb appeared out of nowhere and I thought "WAHEY! Champagne Lemonade it is!" Except nothing is really ever that simple with me, and I can't be bothered with that copyright/plagiarism/"ISN'T THAT AN ED DREWETT SONG?!" nonsense. LOOOOONG. But literally two seconds after I remembered this really weird nickname my mum & dad had for me when I was younger:


No matter how you say/read it, it has always been and will always be a really annoyingly stupid nickname and it always gives my 'rents a bad case of the giggles. I don't know where they got it from and I seriously don't even want to know, but 18 years on and I still can't help but laugh whenever I hear it SO IT IS STAYING.

Sidenote- 'Champagne Olamonday' didn't really sound right, so I changed it a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit and 'Champagne On A Monday' was born etc etc.

And so we begin............